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Training plays a main role in a rapidly changing social, natural, agricultural and commercial enviroment to face the new changes, adaptations, structure, strategy and policy, since the modern companies structure so it is a must now for the employees to be multi skilled, so training is a must for now along.

In response to the urgent need to review and adjust training programs our advisors carried out a training list as part of its overall work to improve the training sector throughout Egypt.

As we know effective training starts with good planning and preparation, our advisors can take you through the content and structure of our published courses offering clear and pragmatic advice allowing you to make a scientific choice. We systematically evaluate every course, based on your feedback, so you can book safe In the  knowledge that were committed to giving a quality service.

QMS has a list of training program related to both agribusiness and commercial business.

 Download Our Training List 

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Why Us?

We are seeking to live in the future with further progress ,continued development and effective tools represented in  scientific advisory team ,excellent training bags and flexible training systems which suit the needs of the trainees on their differences



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